About Lisa

Artist Statement

I love to paint the beauty that surrounds us. I get inspiration from my personal relationship with my creator. Our world is full of beautiful sights that I feel honored to capture on canvas. There is a great sense of joy that comes from putting down fresh paint and knowing that perhaps someday, long from now, that same brushstroke will inspire joy to another generation. To capture the essence of the still life or a landscape is to capture the true beauty that will last forever. I enjoy painting and consider it a privilege to be the lens that images are viewed and captured by.

About Lisa

Lisa Redditt Paris was born in France to Mississippi parents. She is very thankful to be a 7 generation Mississippian. She began painting at the age of 5 and continued and received her degree from the University of Mississippi. Lisa has enjoyed the opportunity to build upon her training and passion for art. Her paintings include her love of flowers, landscapes, and objects d’art. They are a knowing reflection of the Creator of all beautiful things.

She is a wife, mother of 3 and grandmother to 4. Both daughters share her love of painting and are artist themselves.

Her work is in many private collections throughout the world, mainly in the Southern United States. She has enjoyed several One Woman gallery showings. Currently, Lisa has a private studio at home in Oxford and Jackson, Mississippi. Her work is shown in galleries in Mississippi. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, and a founder and former president of Mississippi Oil Painters Association.